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Let Sonlight Cleaning Help You Get Fall-Ready!

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 18:29 -- Loretta Moerbe

Fall is a beautiful time of year! The squirrels are gathering their food for winter supplies, moms and dads are putting together Halloween costumes and making holiday travel plans, and businesses are getting ready for their busy holiday season! Getting our businesses ready for Autumn is more than just festive decorations; it’s about planning ahead for the challenges that changes in the weather can bring. Sonlight Cleaning Service is prepared for anything Mother Nature brings, and is ready and willing to help you prepare as well!

            As the weather changes, leaves begin to fall and create challenges for building owners and maintenance crews. Those crunchy leaves sure are beautiful, and quite satisfying to walk on, but as they are tracked inside on the bottom of our shoes, they begin to lose their beauty. Along with falling leaves come wetter weather, and wet or dirty floor surfaces not only affect the appearance of our floors, but it can also pose safety hazards. Dirt and mud tracked in can scratch hard floors and deeply grind into your carpets, causing your flooring to wear down quickly. Sonlight Cleaning Service offers a variety of floor services and exterior power washing to help preserve your building and keep it beautiful and clean for your employees and customers!

            As Autumn approaches, the days become shorter and we roll the clocks back for Daylight Savings, which means, sometimes your employees will be arriving at work before the sun even comes up, and, they will be heading home after the sun has set! It’s time to clean and open those windows and let in as much sunlight as possible. Sonlight Cleaning Service will help you clean the blinds, wash the windows, and deep clean your upholstery to keep those open windows looking as crisp and clean as the cool air that is moving in!

            Not only do we need to clean our windows, but we also need get our HVAC systems ready for the winter. You know that burning smell that happens the first time you kick on your heater? Yeah, that’s dust burning off the coils, and it’s not even remotely pleasant. And, not to mention, as the weather gets colder, people begin to get sick and all the dust and allergens built up in your HVAC units contributes to breathing difficulties and respiratory related illness. Help your employees breathe a little easier by calling Sonlight Cleaning Service to change your filters, clean your fans, replace ceiling tiles, and other areas dust collects!

            Sonlight Cleaning Service is a family owned and operated company that sincerely strives to exceed your expectations! As you get your business ready for the change in seasons, let us help your business and facility reach its fullest potential! Call us today!



Let Us Lend You a Hand

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 13:18 -- Loretta Moerbe

 You hear it all the time, “when it rains, it pours” or “bad things come in threes,” but we know in business that maintenance issues happen all the time and usually when it’s least convenient. Sonlight Cleaning Service truly is prepared for whatever life throws your way and can swoop in and take your rainy day of maintenance issues and turn it in to a productive day of solutions!

  Minor maintenance issues are usually pretty easy to overlook and forget because frankly, you’re just too busy to get to it and it’s not an emergency. But, one light bulb that is out quickly turns into five light bulbs that are out and before you know it, you have stained ceiling tiles, ten light bulbs to change, marks on the walls, a clogged toilet, and a loose front office handle. These issues build up fast and it is important to make sure you have someone in charge of the minor maintenance of your property so that you can keep your focus on what’s most important to you and your business. At Sonlight Cleaning Service we are dedicated to help you succeed, and we have highly trained staff ready to help you take your business maintenance to the highest level of operation.

 Most businesses have an office manager, an engineer, or someone in charge of facilities that can adequately cover this work, but in business, it’s important to be a good steward of your resources. Time is money! You don’t want your staff wasting time on small and tedious tasks, and you certainly don’t have the time to spend on a ladder—but we do! We can take care of these minor maintenance issues like re-gluing baseboards, touching up paint on the molding, or tightening door hinges so your staff can focus on adding more value to your property. Sonlight Cleaning Servicehas a well-trained handyman staff ready and properly equipped to help you get your general building maintenance and handyman tasks accomplished.

 Not only do we have an extensive capability to handle your general maintenance needs, we also offer a wide range of special services that will help you keep your business looking and functioning at its best. In addition or our daily cleaning packages, we offer emergency clean up services, special event cleaning services, and more! Check us out online at www.sonlightcleaning.com for a full list of our services, or call us at 877-388-3878 and let us help your business excel and give your customers the best impression possible!

Remember, first impressions count, and Sonlight Cleaning Service is there to help you make a great first impression every time!


5 Second Rule: Fact or Fiction?

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 15:41 -- Loretta Moerbe

Picture this: you picked up lunch from your favorite spot. You spent a little more than you normally would because it’s so worth it. You go to take that first bite and the unthinkable happens—you drop the entire plate on the ground! Your mother’s words quickly cross you mind and you shout, “Five-second rule!” You pick it up and inspect for anything stuck to your food. Luckily, you have a great cleaning service like Sonlight Cleaning Service and the carpet was vacuumed thoroughly the night before. So, you decide it’s safe and you eat it anyway, but… do you know what you’re eating?

            Every day, we walk into a number of places that directly transfer a number of bacteria onto our shoes. Think about the places you have been even just this morning. Perhaps you went to the gas station, the coffee shop, the bathroom, and the parking garage. If we pulled out our microscope and saw what’s on the bottom of your shoes before noon, I bet you’d think twice about eating that food off the floor. Daily vacuuming just isn’t enough in the battle against bacteria. At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we want to help keep you healthy, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of deep cleaning services to help you keep ahead of the bacteria that can make you sick.

            So what’s in our carpet anyway? According to The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths about Germs: What Everyone Should Know About Bacteria, Viruses, and Mildew, bacteria can live longer than 4 weeks on carpet! And, have you heard of “microbial adhesion”? This means that germs like Salmonella Typhimurium, Campylobacter, and Salmonella Enteritis are IMMEDIATELY transferred to food. In case you’re not familiar with these bacteria, these are the ones that cause extreme diarrhea and vomiting that can lead to hospitalization—thus declaring our five-second rule is fiction! Sonlight Cleaning Service offers several deep cleaning options for your carpets to help you keep germs at bay.

            Not only are our carpets laced with bacteria, you can also find any number of allergens deep inside the carpet fibers that can make you sick. Vacuuming will help keep the top layer clean and fresh, but what do we need to do about the bottom layer where all the dust and allergens get trapped? Sonlight Cleaning Service recommends you have your carpets cleaned by hot water extraction yearly, or biannually for high traffic areas, to effectively combat allergens, bacteria, and keep your carpet looking it’s best.

            Our process of Hot Water Extraction deep cleans your carpets with hot water mixed with disinfectant, leaving you with not only cleaner carpets, but also cleaner air and a much healthier environment for customers and staff. While, the Five-Second Rule isn’t all that reliable, Sonlight Cleaning Service strives to provide the best of customer service and is the premiere cleaning service for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call us today, and let us help you achieve a cleaner and safer environment for your business!

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Maczulak, Anne E. The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths about Germs: What Everyone Should Know about Bacteria, Viruses, and Mildew. New York, NY: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2007.



Limiting Your Limitations

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 12:53 -- Loretta Moerbe

We all have our limitations. Some may have limitations that exceed the limitations of others and sometimes limitations can be costly. However, in business, we shouldn’t have to cover the cost for another person’s limitations. Being aware of our own business-related limitations can help us take steps toward overcoming, expanding, or making up for these shortcomings. A major part of customer service is learning how to properly handle our shortcomings in a way that will instill confidence in our business or product as a whole. Sonlight Cleaning Service knows that a poorly run facility can be one of the biggest limitations in both customer and employee satisfaction. We are dedicated to helping you succeed by taking care of your facility and helping you make a great first impression every time someone walks in.

            Everyone is different. We all have different limitations, expectations, needs, etc., and Sonlight Cleaning Service is prepared to meet the unique needs and preferences of your facility by creating a tailor-fit cleaning program just for you! We offer cleaning services that refresh your facility daily so you can come into your work environment feeling fresh and ready to work without the limitations of yesterday’s mess waiting for you. Not only does a thorough daily clean help you enter your work environment feeling renewed and ready to go, but it can also help you increase the longevity of your facility by keeping away grime and dirt that can be corrosive to your building materials.  Sonlight Cleaning Service is there to help you see to it that you not only have a clean facility, but that you are also making a wise long-term investment in the maintaining of your facility to help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

            Usually businesses want someone to come and clean overnight once everyone has left, but sometimes that just isn’t enough! High traffic areas usually require attention several times a day, and Sonlight Cleaning Service understands that you need that great first impression to last beyond your morning coffee. We offer a Day Porter Service that will provide you with a continuous cleaning regime of your high traffic areas so you can maintain an immaculate appearance all day long. Check us out online at www.sonlightcleaning.com to see your limitless options included in our Day Porter Service.

            Finally, when it comes to limitations, we know that life is not about what limitations you have, it’s what you do with those limitations that really counts. We can turn our shortcomings into strengths by simply becoming aware of what is holding us back and taking steps toward a better tomorrow! At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we are dedicated to making sure the cleanliness of your facility is not a limitation to the services you provide your customers. We are excited to see our clients succeed and we look forward to being a part of your team!

Emergencies Happen: Are You Prepared?

Thu, 09/14/2017 - 19:36 -- Loretta Moerbe
     I.C.E. is an acronym that stands for “In Case of Emergency,” or ICE. It’s usually the phone number that is called to reach your most relied upon individual that is fully capable to take care of you in the event of an emergency. They’re who you call first in your time of need and usually know just what to do when you are in a crisis. Having emergency contacts and an emergency preparedness plan in place is a crucial part of business ownership. Employees need to be fully trained and aware how to handle every anticipated emergency in a calm and orderly fashion to promote not only safety but also to instill a confidence in your business. Customers notice how you respond in an emergency, and it’s best to always be prepared. At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we want to be that ICE number for your business maintenance needs so that when disaster strikes, you can remain calm and let us handle the mess so you don’t miss a beat!
    We all have bad days, and it’s how you handle those bad days that can make or break your ability to put your best foot forward in customer service. Toilets overflow, people get sick, pipes burst, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day! We have a team of highly trained individuals that can step in and clean up the mess these kinds of emergencies create so you can keep your focus and get on with your day. It’s important to have a team that cares about your business as much as you do. When these disasters strike, simply give Sonlight Cleaning Service a call at 877-388-3878, and we will help you get back on track!
    Sometimes the emergency isn’t related to a pipe bursting or a toilet overflowing. Perhaps you have executives or VIP clients coming to check out your facility and you want to impress your guests with an extra clean environment. Well, you’re in luck! Sonlight Cleaning Service also offers all of our normal cleaning services on an emergency basis and will see to it that your facility is ready to make a great impression!
While emergency services and emergency preparedness plans are a crucial part of business ownership, it’s important to note that having a high-quality cleaning service in place is a great way to consistently give customers a great impression of your business and can even help prevent some maintenance emergencies from happening.
    Remember, Maintenance emergencies usually strike at the most inconvenient times and it’s crucial to have a truly reliable contact in place that is available to spring into action the moment an inconvenient disaster occurs. With our 24/7 Emergency Service, our highly-qualified team can help you get your business back on track without missing a beat! Call us at Sonlight Cleaning Service and let’s update your ICE number.

Study: Electric Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:34 -- mwade

Using paper towels to dry your hands is far more hygienic than using electric hand dryers which actually increase the amount of bacteria on hands and can spread cross contamination in public washrooms, according to an independent scientific study. The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Westminster, London, measured the number of bacteria on subjects’ hands before washing and after drying them using three different methods —paper towels, a traditional warm air dyer and a new high-speed jet air dryer.

From a hygiene standpoint, paper towels are clearly superior to electric hand dryers, according to Keith Redway, a Senior Academic in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster.

Study results show that drying with paper towels results in a significant decrease in the numbers of bacteria on the hands — a clear advantage compared with the increases observed for both types of electric hand dryers tested in this study — and are far less likely to contaminate other washroom users and the washroom environment.

“Indeed, these findings suggest that if either a warm air dryer or jet air dryer is the only drying method available, in terms of bacterial numbers, a washroom user could be better off not washing and drying their hands at all,” Redway says.

The study, which is available for review at www.westminster.ac.uk/~redwayk, found that paper towel drying reduced the average number of bacteria on the finger pads by up to 76 percent and on the palms by up to 77 percent.  By comparison, electric hand dryers actually caused bacteria counts to increase. The study showed:
• Traditional warm air dryers increased the average number of bacteria by 194 percent on the finger pads and by 254 percent on the palms.
• Jet air dryers increased the average number of bacteria on the finger pads by 42 percent and on the palms by 15 percent.

The scientists also carried out tests to establish whether there was the potential for cross contamination of other washroom users and the washroom environment as a result of each type of drying method. They found:
• The jet air dryer, which blows air out of the unit at claimed speeds of 400 mph, was capable of blowing micro-organisms from the hands and the unit and potentially contaminating other washroom users and the washroom environment up to 2 meters away.
• Use of a traditional warm air hand dryer spread micro-organisms up to 0.25 meters from the dryer.
• Paper towels showed no significant spread of micro-organisms.

“The results of all parts of this study suggest that the use of warm air dryers and jet air dryers should be carefully considered in locations where hygiene is of paramount importance, such as hospitals, clinics, schools, nurseries, care homes, kitchens and other food preparation areas,” said  Redway. “In addition, paper hand towel use is highly beneficial for improved hygiene in any other facilities open to the public, such as factories, offices, bars and restaurants.”

While consumers, healthcare institutions and businesses such as restaurants are often told that electric hand dryers are the most hygienic way to dry the hands after washing them, science says otherwise. A growing body of research, including this study by the University of Westminster and other studies as far back as 1989, suggest people could even be putting themselves at increased risk of illness by using electric hand dryers

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Office cleaning requires training.

Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:33 -- mwade

Cleaning is vital to the health of any business, yet the role of the janitor (or custodian) is often perceived negatively. However, for janitors, there’s a lot more at stake than negative stereotypes. Janitorial workers experience one of the highest rates of occupational health issues, and a host of other dangers that could come from mixing the wrong chemicals, the increased likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries, not to mention the potential impact on public health if the job is not done right.

Despite all of these risks, janitors play a huge role in protecting the health of building occupants. They prevent the spread of illness and infection, control indoor air quality and protect the indoor environment. They play a very important role at any business and the type of training they receive will determine the type of service that they provide. Our cleaning professionals understand the details such as how long each cleaning task should take to complete and the correct use of all cleaning chemicals. We make sure they receive the training necessary for all of your specific office or facility cleaning requirements.

Ongoing Training

 Most company budgets often have the final say in training decisions. Many organizations don’t see the value in training when they look at it on paper. They see an upfront cost, the potential of having to pay more for certified and trained workers, and the loss of man hours that are spent training as negative impacts on the bottom line. At Sonlight Cleaning ongoing training is how we maintain an edge over our competitors. We are also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. IICRC certification helps to immediately identify the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries' most skilled and dedicated technicians and businesses.

Take an interest in your employees for their hard work

At Sonlight Cleaning Service, Inc. we take a great interest in our employees and our customers. We do this because we care and want to succeed by helping others do the same. We listen to all concerns and respond with solutions that work. We don’t just clean your office.  We take care of all of your cleaning needs using professional tools and methods. Call us today for a free estimate and find out for yourself.

The Reichert Family operates Sonlight Cleaning Service, Inc. with four corporate values:

1. Be honest and do the right thing.

2. Excel with customers.

3. Help people develop

4. Grow by constantly improving, innovating and meeting all commitments.

Does your office really need a Professional Janitorial Service?

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 19:48 -- mwade

We understand when local businesses say they want to save money by allowing their workers to clean in-house. If your office has 10 employees or more who work at that office, cleaning in-house is not the best choice. The first issue is that the cleaning will be done according to whatever that employee thinks is the best and easiest way to do it. Cutting corners is not recommended for the health of your workspace. Did you really hire them to empty the trash or to do work that increases the profitability of your business? Will you really know if they disinfected an area correctly? While it might look good for your bottom line, it can actually hurt you financially in the long run.

Clutter Makes The Office Look and Feel Less Productive

Professional cleaners are trained to create a clean, organized and a sanitary workspace. This is not something that most employees know how to do. As the lack of proper cleaning continues, the amount of clutter and dust will increase. Requiring your employees to clean bathrooms and perform other cleaning tasks actually makes them less productive and can create unnecessary issues related to the hygiene of your other employees. An employee who has no professional cleaning experience is not qualified to perform custodial services at a professional level. Why should you put an entire office at risk because you believe you are saving money. We can provide a free janitorial estimate and break it down so that you can see if hiring a professional service is more cost effective. If you purchase cleaning supplies from local retailers, those supplies will not be as effective as the professional products. Sonlight Cleaning Service provides the best professional janitorial supplies to our customers for great savings and for great quality.

Offer More Advanced and Skilled Cleaning

Finally, our professional cleaning services offer more skilled and advanced cleaning. You would be hard pressed to find an employee who knows how to properly disinfect your bathrooms, clean your windows, strip and wax the floors, provide hot water carpet extraction, provide emergency services and so on.. Leave the dirty work to Sonlight Cleaning so that your employees can focus on increasing your revenue.


Why should you choose a Professional Janitorial Company?

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 19:43 -- mwade

Professional commercial janitorial services are often misunderstood in comparison to what a smaller janitorial company or cleaning your business in-house  may offer. You would think that the business strategy to maintain an office or building would be to hire the best service. However, price is often given the greatest consideration as opposed to the quality of the service provided. Just to give one example of a poor quality service. I had a prospect call in for us to do their floors because they caught their current service using automobile wax on the vinyl tile floors.  Now just try to imagine that this same service is supposed to be cleaning and disinfecting your bathrooms. Trust and results are  truly the key to knowing you have the best janitorial service for your business.  We can explain the steps we take to perform our tasks and what chemicals are necessary. For example to disinfect a hard surface correctly there are two steps clean thoroughly and then disinfect. This information is trained and taught to our professional cleaners so that they will do the job right every time.

 Carpet Extraction and Hard Surface Floor Services.

Hard surface floor cleaning and carpet cleaning are services that most businesses delay or neglect for many reasons. Depending on the office this type of work can cause inconveniences to the daily activities if not planned and executed properly. When you get your floors stripped and waxed doing it overnight is the best choice.  We can provide information on all of the professional cleaning products we use at your business ?  For example when we strip and wax we use 5 coats of high quality floor finish because it makes a huge difference in the maintenance required to keep the floors looking fresh and clean.

   Some companies sell carpet cleaning as a service. You have to understand the difference between carpet cleaning and hot water extraction. When you just do a carpet cleaning only the upper carpet fibers get cleaned and this is not the same as the hot water extraction that we provide.  Hot water extraction gets all the dirt from the padding up through the carpet fibers.  Obviously if you want something clean it pays to get all of the dirt and not just some. Not cleaning correctly will always increase your maintenance fees because you will have to clean more often and the wear and tear will show sooner due to all the dirt that is leftover.  A few minutes with one of our staff can make all the difference in understanding the maintenance requirements for all of your carpet and hard floor surfaces so your office floors always looks great.

 Other Services

We provide many other services to our customers such as; customized scheduled daily cleaning, restroom sanitation, professional janitorial supplies and products, emergency services, one time deep cleans, window cleaning and minor maintenance just to name a few.   If you have a large parking lot for your office, it may be necessary to hire a cleaning service to get that job done correctly. We provide professional power washing that can get your parking lot so clean you will see the difference immediately. Our truck mount 3500 PSI, 200 degree pressure washer will clean some of the most stubborn oil stains. We use high end commercial equipment and chemicals to ensure our customers get quality and the best results.

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